Applications of solar energy in everyday lives

There is a great variety of ways in which solar energy can be utilized. It can be used for electricity generation, for heating purposes, cooling, cooking and many other applications that are useful in our daily lives. Each of these applications, when based on solar energy, varies greatly in costs and other features. Following are some ways how you can make use of solar energy in your daily lives:

1. Generate electricity with solar panels.

One of the greatest benefits of solar energy is the fact that it can be utilized for generating electricity with the help of solar panels. This means that you can not only play a part in reducing your carbon footprint, but you can also save a considerable amount of money which was previously being spent on electricity bills. All solar electricity generation requires is the installation of solar panels composed of specialized photovoltaic cells that can convert energy from the radiations of the sun into electricity. This electricity can then be used to power homes and offices, depending upon the requirement. Solar rechargeable batteries can be used to light up gardens, streets and even parks at night, when there is no natural means of illumination.

2. Passive space heating

Many people tend to use conventional heating methods based on electricity for heating purposes, but this effect can also be achieved in a way that does not require any additional installation or investment at all. You can simply trap the heat from the radiations of the sun within your house with the help of dark blinds and awnings etc. This produces a significant heating effect which is ideal for offices and small spaces. It allows you to cut down on your central heating and electricity costs. If you would rather heat spaces more effectively, you can always install solar collectors. These heat liquids such as water and provide you with heating for your homes.

3. Heat up air and water

Solar collectors can be used to heat water for domestic use in your homes. This again allows you to save considerably on the electricity that was being used to heat water for daily use. The best thing about solar heating is the fact that it does not require any additional parts and makes use of the water tank itself. The solar heater and collector receive the radiations of the sun and can effectively increase the temperature of the water by 15 degrees in many cases. This mechanism can also be modified into an indoor heating system with the help of a basic heat exchanger. Solar collectors are very efficient and you can actually get back your initial investment in installing these systems in 6 months to one year! After this all your heating is practically free of cost.

4. Warm up food

You do not have to wait till the microwave reaches its last digit till you can finally have the lunch you packed for yourself. You can simply heat your food using the radiation of the sun that can effectively and efficiently warm up your food within no time. By using a solar collector box, you can actually harness the sun’s rays and heat, and even cook food with the help of solar energy from the sun.

5. Heat your swimming pool water

You can even use solar energy to heat your swimming pools instead of using the conventional electricity based methods that are hefty on the budget. This can be done with the installation of a simple solar collector that uses the energy stored in the radiation of the sun to produce a heating effect that can keep your pools warm. In order to keep the swimming pools warm for a longer period of time, you may also consider the installation of a solar blanket. A solar blanket which covers the pool, works by preventing the heat from escaping the pool. Thus, it allows the water to stay warm for a longer duration of time.

6. Enhance your landscaping

Solar powered lamps can be used to give a touch of modernization and beauty to your landscaping. Polar powered lamps are brilliant for outdoor usage because they do not require any wiring as they work on the principles of recharging themselves with the help of solar energy. This means that they are completely environment friendly, and they also make your garden area look magnificent at night. Solar lamps for your garden consist of solar panels that absorb the energy from the sun and create it into electricity for the lamps to light up with.

7. Water your plants with solar powered irrigation

Solar energy can also be used to power your water sprinklers, which saves you the hassle of turning them on and off yourself every day. This system can be used by collecting rainwater or even grey water to be sprinkled onto the plants at any time during the day. The sprinklers are powered by solar energy and can be turned on or off according to your need. Solar powered irrigation systems can also be used to water land on a huge scale for agriculture purposes.