Ways to Maximize Energy Intake by a Solar Panel

One of the best ways of generating energy that is clean and environment friendly is the production of power with the help of solar panels. This not only effectively reduces your utility bills but also has no adverse impacts on nature, unlike the conventional form of energy production. If not installed properly, or if they are not maintained in the ideal way, there can be a significant decrease in the overall power generation capacity of a solar panel. There are few steps that you need to take care of during the installation of these photovoltaic panels to ensure their optimal output. Some of the steps that you can take in order to maintain your solar panels have been enlisted as follows:

Cleaning the panels regularly:

One of the most important factors behind ensuring the optimal output of the solar panels in terms of power generation is ideal and regular maintenance of the panels. The surface of the panels can allow dust and dirt to accumulate on it thus obscuring the rays of sunlight that reach the panel. This can decrease the output of the panel significantly and you may notice that the panel is not producing the same amount of electricity as before. This is why regular cleaning of these solar panels is absolutely essential to ensure optimal functioning. You can use a mild solution of soap and plenty of water to thoroughly clean the surface of the panels making sure that no soap is left unwashed otherwise it will allow more dust and dirt to accumulate on it.

Selection of the site:

Positioning and placement of the solar panels is another critical factor in ensuring that it produces the ideal amount of electricity. Always choose a site with ample exposure to the sun during the day. Panels must always face the north in case of homes that are located in the northern hemisphere and vice versa. Also make sure that there are no hindrances between the rays of the sun and the surface of the solar panel so that it can receive the maximum amount of sunlight even as the sun changes its direction at different times of the day. You can ensure this by trimming any tree branches or bushes that have the potential to obscure the rays of the sun so that they may reach the surface of the panels without any interruptions or scattering.

Tracking kits:

Tracking kits are clever kits that help the solar panels automatically adjust themselves to face the sun. These kits are a bit pricy but ensure the optimal amount of energy generated by the panels,. Adjusting the panels manually every season is another way to help maximize the output of the panels.


You can make much more efficient use of the sunlight available with the help of reflection. Simply place a long mirror in front of your panel, and this way you will be able to reflect the sunlight directly onto the Photovoltaic cells.