Types of residential solar energy

Types of solar panels

When one thinks about solar energy that can be used for powering houses, or for residential purposes, one thinks about electricity produced by solar or photovoltaic panels. The installation of photovoltaic solar panels for residential purposes is not a complex task and can be efficiently achieved by trained professionals who are skilled in the installation of solar panels. These professionals can also provide people with the necessary consultation and formal paperwork involved in the process. Generally, residential solar panels are installed on top of the roofs of the houses or their garages. They can also be placed at other locations but this depends upon the space availability and the direction of the sun’s rays for optimal power generation.

Residential solar hot water heating:

One of the most budget friendly and economical ways of implementing solar energy in your houses is with the help of a solar power water heating system. Some of the most common uses of hot water in common households include dishwashing, laundry and various other needs. Using the natural energy of the sun to heat water for your daily household consumptions is one of the most ideal ways of saving a significant amount of money. It is important to remember that in the process of heating water using solar energy, electricity is not generated; in this case the heat energy from the sun is accumulated and stored in a reservoir or tank. This energy can be used as needed for household water heating purposes. Just like a hose left in the backyard of the house allows water to get heated in it when left under the sunlight, the solar water heating system works in exactly the same way. In this system it is likely that the water gets significantly hot, because the temperature tends to rise by 10 degrees every hour that it receives sunlight. The mechanics of the solar water heating system are rather simple. The professionals who are involved in the installation of the solar powered water heating systems usually have a background in the field of plumbing as well. Solar powered water heating is an excellent and budget friendly way to heat the water of your spa and swimming pool as well. This is because a significant amount of money is spent by residents each year for the heating of water required for everyday use.

Residential solar energy – for cooling:

Another less known purpose of solar energy is for cooling the home. Solar energy can actually be used to cool your home. A solar attic fan is a simple and easy to install and inexpensive devise and it actually does not require any energy to operate. It can actually reduce significantly the electricity that is required to cool your home in the summer.

Residential solar energy – used for lighting

Solar lights are simple and inexpensive to install and maintain. These lights can be placed anywhere there is direct sunlight. They are ideal for patios and gardens, driveways and other outdoor areas of your house.