Electricity generation with solar panels

Many people today realize that the earth is going through many climatic changes. It is because of these changes in the climate that more and more countries all over the word are experiencing drastic changes in weather conditions. All of this is linked with global warming, which is accelerating due to the consumption of fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide traps the heat of the earth within its own atmosphere and causes the planet to increase its overall temperature. When this happens, unexpected and sometimes even hazardous weather conditions start developing in the planet. This is why many people today are trying to use renewable energy sources in order to generate electricity. One of the most efficient, effective and easy to obtain renewable energy source is the sun. Sunlight is freely obtainable from all parts of the world, and electricity generated with the help of sunlight is termed as “green” environmentally friendly electricity. Solar energy does not release any emissions when it is being converted into current electricity. The installation of solar panels is all that is required to obtain this electricity, and once installed, solar panels use the solar energy of the sun and convert it into electricity silently, effectively and emission free.

Generate cheap, “green” electricity from sunlight.

Solar energy systems are composed of many specialized solar cells known as photovoltaic cells which posses the ability to capture the energy trapped in the radiations of the sun and convert it into electricity. This electricity in turn can be used to power many appliances and equipments around homes and offices. Solar energy can also power industries as well. The great thing about these photovoltaic cells is the fact that they can even provide stored electricity on a cloudy day; this means that they do not need constant, direct sunlight for adequate power generation.  Solar energy is considered to be the most environment friendly source of energy generation because it is naturally present and its usage does not release any pollutants that might pose a threat to the atmosphere of the earth.  Photovoltaic cells make it possible to capture the energy stored in the radiations of the sun and convert it to electrical power. Following are some guidelines for all those people who are considering the installation of solar power systems at their homes or offices.

How do solar Photovoltaic systems work?

There are several components in a solar panel that give it the ability to convert solar energy to electrical energy. The panel consists of a thin layer of silicon as a semi conductor which is sandwiched between a layer of glass and polymer resin. The size of solar panels varies with the requirement and need of electricity generation; this means that they can go from the size of a small panel that can power a calculator, to huge multiple solar panels that can power entire offices and houses. When the silicon semi conductor is exposed to sunlight, the electrons on the surface become excited, allowing them to produce direct current when they flow through the material in this state. This direct current is then converted to alternating current with the help of an inverter, and finally, this current can be used to power different appliances around the house. The current is brought into the houses and offices with the help of wires.

Effortless integration

There is not much effort involved with it comes to the installation of solar panels in homes or offices. They do not require a lot of space and they don’t even require any maintenance. Generally, solar panels are installed on the roofs of houses to receive maximum sunlight during the day, and to consume the least amount of necessary space. These panels do not make the roof look strange; they can easily be incorporated to only give a slight protrusion on the roof, and nothing more. Solar PV integrated roof tiles are now available for more convenient usage and better esthetic effects.


Another great quality of solar panels is the fact that they are very versatile and can easily be incorporated and adjusted onto roofs of any size. They can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending upon the requirement and the space. They can also be mounted onto walls, although in this case the performance of these panels will be compromised to some extent, but this technique is ideal for new properties.

Advantages associated to the use of solar power systems

Electricity generation with the help of solar power systems is one of the easiest, cheapest and most environment friendly ways of producing power. It releases no pollutants into the atmosphere that can harm the environment. The system is entirely secure, easy to install and does not require any maintenance once installed into place. Solar power panels can also be constructed at homes. The greatest thing about using solar energy to generate electricity is the fact that once the initial investment cost is covered within some time, you will be able to produce electricity for free.