How to save on electricity bills

All over the world the rates of electric supply have been increasing steadily with time. A mind boggling fact is that within 12 months, all households, industries, businesses and various sectors have experienced a rise of 20% on electricity bills in most parts of the world! If this was not outrageous enough, the fact that the electricity rates are expected to hike even further within the next year is enough to intimidate anyone. The only solution in the long run is to figure out an effective method of producing low cost electricity or effectively using alternative sources of energy generation like solar energy. This process however requires a great deal of time for planning and implementation, which is why everyone must follow simple tips that can enable us to save significantly on electricity bills and conserve energy as well. Some of these tips have been enlisted as follows:

Don’t leave appliances on stand-by:

It is a fact that all household electric devices and appliances consume a significant amount of energy (up to 90%) even on standby! This means that switching off the power of the appliance will not help you cut down on your electricity bills. In first world countries, households spend over $1 billion on standby power alone! This is a staggering amount of money being spent on energy that is not even being utilized. The trick is to switch of the power from the main supply for that appliance or simply disconnecting it from the socket when the device is not in use.

How to save on electricity bills while washing dishes:

Instead of using the dishwasher every time you have a small pile of dishes or cutlery to rinse, wash them the conventional way in the sink in order to save electricity. You may use the dishwasher only when you have a great quantity of dishes to take care of, in which case you will be using the dish washer on maximum capacity. This way no electricity will be wasted in the process. Instead of loading your dishwasher multiple times in a day, fix one specific time of doing dishes and load it once. This will allow you to save money on electricity bills, water, which is another precious resource of our planet, and will also enable you to conserve energy.

How to save on electricity bills while washing clothes:

Washing machines use the greatest amount of energy in heating water for washing clothes. Many people are not aware of this fact but this is a huge factor in increasing electricity bills. One of the most effective ways of preventing this from happening is to simply decrease the temperature of the washing machine when it is in use. A simple decrease of 30 degrees can make a huge difference and can allow you to save considerably on the money that was previously being spent on outrageous electricity bills. This simple act also plays a huge role in conserving precious energy. Another useful tip is to hang the laundry out on the line to dry in the sun when the weather conditions are favorable, instead of using the electric machine dryer. In case of bad weather conditions, if you must use the dryer, always try folding the laundry immediately in order to save your time and energy. When you fold your laundry while it’s still hot, you can actually get rid of many creases that develop in your clothes, this way you can save tremendously as you won’t have to iron your laundry much later on.

Use alternate forms of energy generation:

More and more people are becoming aware that the natural resources of our plant are fast depleting. These natural resources are coal, oil; water etc and these are being over-utilized to a limit that might cause depletion of these resources soon. People are getting compelled to pay more attention to other, alternative sources of energy generation. These alternative sources include wind power, solar energy, geo thermal energy, hydro power and wave power to generate and produce inexpensive electricity for commercial use. The most useful and effective source is the utilization of solar energy in the form of PV panels that convert the energy of the sun to generate electricity that can also be produced on large scale.

Use PV panels to generate electricity:

PV panels or photo voltaic panels create electricity from the solar energy that is obtained from the sun. By installing PV panels on the roofs of houses, as alternate means of power generation can be established. These panels are cheap, easy to install and maintain and very effective at cutting your electricity costs. PV panels can also be used to heat water in your homes and swimming pools as well.

Once the above mentioned steps are followed carefully, you will not only cut down on your electricity bills considerably (up to 20 %!) but you will also be doing your bit for the environment and our plant by conserving its precious natural resources.