Energy saving ideas

Nearly all households in the world comprise off a significant number of electrical appliances and devices. We have let ourselves become increasingly dependent upon these gadgets and devices to lead a more hassle free and easy life and today, it is almost impossible to imagine life in the absence of common household appliances such as Televisions, electric irons, kettles, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, air conditioners and many more. There is a whole list of appliances that have made life easy for us which run on electricity alone. The usage of all these appliances obviously mean a hefty electricity bill at the end of each month, which is why it is important to know a few energy saving ideas that will enable you to converse electricity and save significantly on the money that is being spent on outrageous electricity bills.

Electricity costs have been escalating worldwide:

Within the past year, owing to the steady increase in the electric supply rates, an outrageous increase of 20% was marked at the culmination of the past 12 months. This figure is expected to increase even further if an effective solution is not implemented any time soon. This is why it is extremely important to keep energy saving ideas in mind at all times, and also inculcate these ideas into everyday living.

Energy saving ideas:

Following are some effective energy saving ideas that can enable you to save significantly on money as well as energy:

  • Water is precious:

Instead of using the dishwasher every time, try rinsing cutlery and crockery in the sink. In case there is a large pile of dishes that need to be taken care of, you may use the dishwasher because this way you will not only be saving electricity, but you will also be conserving water, another important resource of our planet. Water saving is just as important as conserving electricity as water is the earth’s precious resource and its depletion can lead to multiple problems on its own. Fresh water stores all across the world are decreasing and desalinization plants, which convert the sea water into fresh water, are destroying ecosystems in the seas and oceans all across the world.

  • Minimize your usage of the electric dryer:

After washing your laundry, hang it on the line in the sun and allow it to dry instead of use the electric dryer. If the weather is favorable, you will perhaps get better results than your electric machine dryer. In case you are using your electric dryer, try folding the clothes immediately. This way you will not have to iron them later, a habit that will save you both time, and energy.

  • Maintain your appliances:

Pay attention to the maintenance of your refrigerator, it is a known and proven fact that if dust and dirt is allowed to accumulate within the coils of the refrigerator, it forces the machine to work harder and hence consume more and more energy.

  • Don’t pre heat your oven:

Avoid preheating the oven before baking. Use the microwave for all cooking and heating purposes and only use the oven for large scale baking or heating.

  • Invest in energy savers:

Invest in replacing all the bulbs in your house with energy savers. Energy savers have tremendous advantages; they last longer than the conventional bulbs, consume a lot less energy compared to ordinary bulbs, and help you cut down on your electricity bill more significantly than anything else.

  • Wash your laundry with cold water instead of hot water:

It is not necessary to use hot water to wash clothes when washing them in a machine. It is for this reason that it is advised to lower the temperature of heating water. The machine consumes a significant amount of electricity to heat the water that is being used to wash the clothes. You can actually cut down up to 40% of your washing machine energy usage if you simply avoid heating the water that will wash your laundry.

  • Install solar panels in your home:

Invest in the installation of solar or PV panels around your house or workplace in order to generate your own electricity at virtually no cost at all. These panels create their own electricity with the help of the radiant energy of the sun. Solar panels may be costly, but they are a onetime investment only. They have many advantages; not only are they silent and eco friendly, they can provide you with free electricity, but they also don’t deplete the earth of its precious natural resources like fossil fuels and water. Solar panels can help conserve energy on a huge scale and many countries are installing solar power plants to power factories, villages, and even city buildings.

Effective energy saving ideas such as these not only enable you to significantly cut down on the amount of money that you were previously spending on your electricity bills, but they will also allow you to do your bit for the environment by conserving precious energy. With the earth’s natural resources depleting fast, it is our duty to promote conservation of energy with energy saving ideas.