Energy conservation tips

A single family in a developed country will spend from $170 to $180 annually on standby power alone. This means that many households pay more than $1 billion per year on standby power for various household appliances and devices. Following are some highly effective tips and ways that will help you conserve energy efficiently and also allow you to save more money that was previously being spent on hefty electricity bills every month.

Energy conservation tips:

Turn off your appliances at their switches: many people are not aware of the fact that just switching off the power of devices and appliances through a remote or manually does not do the trick, because even when the button is switched off, majority of the appliances and electrical devices consume up to 90% of the power even on standby mode. In order to save energy in these cases, the most effective thing to do is to switch off the power from the main power source when these appliances are not in use. This allows you to conserve energy and save significantly on electricity bills as well.

Purchase energy saving light bulbs: Another effective way of conserving energy and reducing the amount of your monthly electricity bills is by replacing all the bulbs in your house or work place with energy savers. These energy savers have been proven highly effective in conserving maximum energy and last longer than conventional bulbs as well. Although energy saving bulbs do cost higher than conventional bulbs, the overall benefits that they provide you with outweigh the initial costs. They consume a lower amount of electricity and they generally also last much longer.

Energy conservation tips for your refrigerator: All food items must be allowed to cool down before being kept in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, not everyone in every household does this. The refrigerator has to work even harder to cool down food that is warm, and in turn consumes even more electricity. Another important point to remember is to always cover liquids before refrigeration because all liquids have the tendency to evaporate, a factor that forces the fridge to work harder as well. The refrigerators must undergo effective maintenance every once in a while for optimum functionality, special attention must be paid to cleaning the coils that are present at the back of your refrigerator. If dirt is allowed to accumulate in these coils, it reduces the functionality of your fridge significantly and consequently forces the machine to consume more and more energy.

Heat water on the stove: Instead of using your electric kettle every time you need hot water for tea or coffee, try heating the water by the conventional method on a gas stove. This allows you to save energy and in case you do not have a gas stove in the house, purchase an energy conserving kettle which is easily available at all leading department stores. Electric stoves also consume a huge amount of power in heating the coils that eventually heat your pots and pans. Try to purchase a “green” energy conserving stove instead of a conventional electric stove.

Energy conservation tips for your oven: For all heating and cooking purposes, try making the maximum use of your microwave. Instead of pre-heating your oven every time you want to bake or heat something, directly place your dishes in the oven and then heat it. Pre-heating the oven actually consumes much more power that practically goes to waste. To save time and energy, use the electric oven only for baking or heating greater quantities of food. An important point that many people are not aware of is the fact that opening the oven door over and over again to check on the progress of the cooking forces the oven to work harder and hence uses up twice as much energy and time. A gas oven is a better option than an electric oven.

Dry laundry the traditional way:

Whenever you do your laundry, try to dry laundry on the line outside instead of using your electric dryer. This way you not only save energy but can also get your laundry fresh. The sun’s rays kill many micro organisms that accumulate in our everyday clothes and under wear. If you must use the electric dryer, try folding the laundry immediately, as this way you don’t have to iron your clothes very much.

Use solar panels to create your own electricity:

Installation of solar panels is an excellent way to save significantly on money that was previously being spent on paying outrageous electricity bills. These solar panels consist of photo voltaic cells that use the solar energy and convert it in current electricity with can power appliances and even complete houses. Solar energy has the greatest prospect today among all other sources of alternative energy. These require a onetime investment and practically no maintenance at all, and they provide you with the most budget friendly, as well as eco friendly electricity possible. It is for this reason that the installation of solar panels is being encouraged in nearly all countries for households as well as industrial purposes.