Selling your energy to local utilities

You may not be able to solve the energy crisis being faced by the world today by installing a few solar panels at your house to generate enough electricity to cover your needs, but a source of encouragement for many people who are planning to become energy independent using solar power production is the fact that governments and power companies all over the world are now establishing incentives and programs to make solar power financially beneficial to those who use it. Throughout the country, the government is now introducing a number of incentive programs including tax credits and rebates to encourage more and more people to start using solar energy to cover their household power usage. Most power companies have introduced incentives so attractive that they almost pay the entire cost of the installation and purchase of the solar panels. Incentives are also being provided to people who are opting for other means of renewable energy such as wind power. One of the most prominent examples of this sort of incentive is the state of California which offers some of the best rebates and credits to the users of solar power production.

How can these rebates be achieved?

You should always ask your installers about the ideal setup procedure for your solar power production system so that it may offer optimal functionality and can be correctly connected to the main power grid. It is critical to always perform the installation of the solar panels under the instructions of the installers for the proper connection of the panels to the electric grid that supplies to your home. Once the panels have been purchased and installed, an official team from the company will visit the site for inspection to check whether the installation and connection of the solar power production system meets state requirements and specifications.

Once the system has been properly connected to the internal electric grid, the company will now perform the installation of a dual directional net meter at your house in order to calculate the amount of energy that is being consumed by the user. The readings of this meter will be inspected and noted by a team of the company approximately once every month. If your solar panels are producing excess electricity, and if you supply this electricity to the main power grid, you will be entitled to financial credits by the company. This way you can use this additional electricity produced by your solar panels as a source of extra income.

How does the system work?

The more the demand on the grid, the better the rates are. What this means is that if you are actually generating more electricity then you are consuming, you can always feed the grid and sell your excess power. There are also many rebates that provide cash to people who have been a net generator for a period of a year.