How to calculate the number of Solar Panels required

Kaylee Finn

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Solar-panel installation

One of the most basic and essential steps prior to planning the implementation of a solar project is the calculation and determination of the number of solar panels that will be required to generate enough power for your home. The amount of solar panels needed is the basic factor to determine the cost of the implementation of a solar power that can power your house the whole year round. What you need in order to find out the number of panels you will require is an electric bill preferably of the month of December, as well as a comprehensive and detailed summary of the total amount of electricity used all year round. This can be substituted with electricity bills for each month of the year as well.

Calculating the amount of electricity used:

You can determine the average usage of electricity for each day in watts with the help of the electricity bill for the month of December. Generally, all utility bills state the total electricity usage of the house for the whole month. You can add the total hours in kilowatts for the entire year and then you can divide the figure by 365. This will give you your average usage of electricity. Next, you can convert the result into watts by multiplying the figure by thousand. You might not need to do this because most electrical companies across the globe state this figure on all electricity bills that are issued.

Calculating the total amount of sunlight:

You can also find out the total sunlight that is received by your area on an average per day. For this purpose, you will require a solar calculator which you can easily find online for instance, it is available on Resources. Also, it is very important that you know your exact location on the globe in order to find out the figure with accuracy and precision. To calculate the amount of sunlight received, you will need to divide the total power in the form of watts that is used every day with the average number of hours during which sunlight is received in your area. The result will be the number of watt which you will be required to generate each hour. Ultimately, you can divide the watts that you will be required to generate each hour with the panel ratings that you have decided to buy. This result will be the number of solar panels that you need to purchase to fulfill your electricity requirements.

Installing the solar panels:

Once you have the number of solar panels you need to buy, you can install them either professionally or yourself, but professional installation is highly recommended. Not only does professional installation guarantee that your solar panels will be fitted in the most ideal location of your home with expertise but you can also qualify for government incentives.