The importance of renewable energy sources

Alternate sources of power generation like wind power, wave power, biomass, tidal power and solar energy, are the future of electricity generation for our planet. These sources of renewable energy are able to provide us with electricity that can power up our lives. There are many forms of alternate energy which can be used to generate electricity, but the most beneficial and cost effective for us is solar energy.

Solar Energy:

Solar Energy is the energy that is obtained from the sun. The sun is a natural source of power, and solar energy has always been available since the beginning of time. Man has learnt to harness the rays of the sun and further process them and put them to use to make life easier for him. Solar energy can be captured and stored with the help of PV panels. These PV or photovoltaic panels are made up of solar cells that have been paneled together that can harness the sun’s rays and convert solar energy into electrical power. Solar energy is thus a source of alternative energy that does not deplete the earth of its fossil fuels and generates electricity for us as well. PV panels are not very expensive to install and maintain as well.

Why are renewable sources of energy important?

Renewable sources of power generation are very important as the great energy demands of the earth are fast depleting our planets fossil fuels. Not only are the fossil fuel reserves being finished, but the carbon emissions released by using fossil fuels are also devastating our planet. Renewable sources of energy do not exhaust the earth of its natural resources, as they are never ending. Amongst renewable energy sources the most popular ones are solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy; wave power and wind power. These are all forms of alternate energy as well that can provide us with electricity. These natural resources don’t diminish even if they are utilized for generating electricity for years and years. The wind, the ocean tides, geothermal heat from the earth’s crusts and the sun’s rays have been present ever since the dawn of time, and energy generated through them does no harm to the environment. These sources are thus “environmentally friendly” as well. It is very important to have a source of power generation that is renewable, so that no damage is done to the atmosphere of our plant and the earth can be protected for a million more years. Renewable energy sources also don’t release any emissions and electricity generated through them is considered “Green” electricity.

The advantage of solar energy over other alternative energy sources:

Solar energy is the best form of alternative energy. It has many advantages over other sources of alternative energy such as wave power, geo thermal energy, wind power and tidal energy. Solar energy is also the most cost effective as well and can be easily attained as compared to other forms of renewable energy as well. Wave power, geo thermal energy and wind turbines require tremendous amounts of man power and expensive equipment as well in order to generate electricity, whereas solar energy is a form of renewable energy that simply requires PV (Photo Voltaic panels) panels to produce electricity.

The many uses of Photo Voltaic panels:

PV panels can be installed on houses and building’s as well. Countries all across the world are now turning to this “green” energy generation solution to reduce the escalating costs of electricity generation. This also greatly helps conserve the earth’s fossil fuels. There are other options to generate electricity through renewable energy, that are also available such as wind mills, wind turbines, geothermal heat pools etcetera, but the cheapest and easiest to install are PV panels.

Cost effective solution:

As solar energy is derived from the sun, it is absolutely free, so there are no additional charges to attain it. Electricity generated through solar energy also reduces the cost of electricity bills for homes and also for industries. When PV panels are installed on a larger scale, they can save tremendous amounts of money in the long run. PV panels are a onetime investment for industries and they don’t even require a lot of maintenance. Industries with PV panels can use solar energy as a backup source of electricity generation whenever there has been an unexpected power failure or a shutdown of the primary source of energy, industrial work, in this way would not be brought to a halt.

Other uses of solar energy:

Solar energy can also be converted into other forms of energy like heat energy. In winters, solar energy can actually be used to heat up homes. If solar energy present in the PV panels is not used up instantly it can also be stored within the panels themselves and utilized when required. As solar energy is emission free it also helps in saving the earth’s environment from further damage. It can help preserve the earth’s fossil fuels and ends up controlling the earth’s greenhouse effect as well.