The Benefits of Solar Energy

The Many Benefits of Solar energy

In today’s world, a huge amount of effort, resources and finances are being utilized for the research being carried out on how to harvest solar energy for energy generation. Governments of many countries are spending millions of dollars in researching how we can best utilize solar energy and preserve the environment, as well as reduce our carbon foot print. Solar energy is being developed, and technological advances are changing the way we are producing electricity to power our lives. With the eminent threat of global warming and fast occurring environmental changes affecting our planet severely, the earth’s natural resources are being depleted faster than we thought.  Solar energy seems like the ideal way to generate electricity, without putting a load on the earth’s reserves of fossil fuel. Many countries have now constructed huge power plants that utilize solar energy to create electricity that can power homes, buildings, and even industries. Industrial use of solar energy is very wide spread and can be the solution of putting an end to this never ending source of pollution to our plant. Industries are by far the largest individual consumers of fossil fuels and release carbon emissions in the largest amounts in the atmosphere.

Solar energy used by ancient people:

People from the ancient times understood the power of the sun and utilized its rays for many purposes. Great civilizations like the Mayans, Romans and the Egyptians utilized solar energy from the sun in the maximum way possible. Solar energy and the sun’s rays were used to provide light with the help of mirrors to buildings, tombs and temples. The sun’s rays were used to heat pools and homes as well. Indians in the sub continent have been using the sun’s rays to dry chilies, spices and meats and fish as well. These days solar energy is seen as the ideal form of renewable energy, and with the aid of Photo Voltaic panels, or PV panels, solar energy is being consumed on a wide scale. Anywhere from small appliances, to large industries, almost everything is being powered by solar energy these days. Industrial uses of solar energy include the processes of distillation, disinfection, sterilization, water purification and many other purposes.

Solar energy is a renewable form of alternate energy: Solar energy is a renewable form of alternate energy. This means that we actually have an endless supply of solar energy, from the sun. By utilizing solar energy from the sun, we don’t deplete its supply at all.

Solar energy has a natural source: the source of solar energy is the sun, which is a completely natural source. The sun has been in the sky since the dawn of time, and man has harnessed its rays for many purposes. Solar energy does not deplete the earth of any of its resources, since the sun’s rays are present everyday for us to utilize. Man has been using the sun’s rays to grow crops and to keep himself warm and now he can use the power of the sun to power homes and other places as well.

Solar energy can be converted into current electricity: solar energy can actually be converted into electricity with the help of PV panels. Photo voltaic panels or PV panels are special panels that contain solar cells. These solar cells contain photo voltaic material that converts energy from the sun into current electricity. This electricity can actually be used to power homes and cars as well. Homes can be provided lighting and heating as well with the help of PV panels and solar energy. These days many homes are being fitted with their own PV panels on roofs, which allow homes to generate their own power supply. This can actually act as a back up or secondary source of power in case the primary power source ever fails, or can also be alternated with the primary power source in order to save money on electricity bills.

PV panels don’t require much maintenance: PV panels are practically maintenance free. They do not require much maintenance at all once they have been set up. Most photo voltaic panels can last a life time and many companies provide five to ten years guarantee. All they need to do is absorb energy from the sun all day, and store that energy as current electricity. This current electricity can then be used during the night time to power homes. PV panels convert solar energy into electricity silently, and do not require heavy machinery to do the work, therefore they don’t make any disturbing noises either.

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly solution: solar energy is completely emission free. It does not utilize any of the earth’s fossil fuel reserves or contributes to the green house effect that carbon emissions have been creating. Solar energy is a “green” from of energy generation that can power homes in the most environmentally friendly manner. Power plants that utilize solar energy in order to convert it into electricity also do not release any emissions in the atmosphere either. PV panels can also store electricity and don’t require constant sun exposure to create electricity. Solar energy can also be converted into other forms of energy like heat energy and this is one of the best ways to heat swimming pools and even homes.