What can photovoltaic panels actually power?

The conventional sources of energy are getting increasingly expensive with the passage of time, which has brought the world closer to the awareness of the more inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative sources of energy. One of the oldest forms of alternative energy source is solar energy which has countless applications. The fact that solar energy is one of the least expensive energy sources has given rise to the development of many solar powered appliances and products for personal and industrial use.

Uses of solar panels:

Solar panels can power many appliances and even recharge batteries. Solar powered gadgets and appliances not only allow you to save money and cut down on your electricity bills, but are also entirely environment friendly and allow you to contribute towards the well being of our planet. Mentioned here are a few appliances that solar panels actually power.

Heat swimming pools:

There is a wide range of possibilities in terms of solar energy uses. Solar energy can be used to heat swimming pools, and in the same way, it can also be used to power a cover for the pool.

Recharge batteries:

These days a wide range of batteries too can be charged with the energy stored in photovoltaic panels which in turn get their power from the radiations of the sun. These solar powered battery chargers are a great way of cutting down on expenses.

Solar powered gardens:

Many companies and landscapers today are encouraging more and more people to explore the possibilities of having solar appliances and gadgets in the garden as well as the home. These include an artistically designed solar powered fountain and even a bird bath. This means that these fountains can be powered with the energy of the sun, significantly reducing your electricity bills. Apart from these, solar lights for gardens have gained immense popularity over time and are now being used all over the world.

Solar powered ovens:

All those who have a passion for cooking may be interested in a solar powered oven. This oven cooks food with the help of solar energy stored in the radiations of the sun, and hence does not require electricity or conventional power or even gas to work either. It is ideal for outdoor cooking and is completely portable and easy to use.

Solar powered fans:

People don’t usually put air conditioners in attics but they should be kept cool in order to be of any use to homeowners. The ideal solution for this problem is a solar powered attic fan which turns your attic into a comfortably pleasant space.

Solar shades:

In order to keep the house warm though, solar shades are being used widely today. The energy from the sun that is used by these shades is then circulated within the house keeping it warm and cozy during cold seasons.

Solar powered motion detector spotlights:

These are ideal to keep the house clear of all unwelcome visitors. Other than that in case you return home late, these spotlights light up to illuminate your driveway so you can safely make your way inside the house. Lanterns that are powered by solar energy are also extremely useful for outdoor purposes as well as cases of power outages when an immediate source of illumination is required.

Solar powered computer accessories:

Other gadgets and appliances that have readily made their way into our daily lives are solar keyboards and other devices for computers and laptops. There are also solar powered calculators that are available as well. These also consist of tiny photovoltaic panels in order to work.

Portable solar panels:

Another useful solar powered appliance is the portable solar panel which allows people to charge their devices no matter where they are and where they go. These are ideal for recreational vehicles. If you want to go for a camping trip, portable solar panels are ideal for you. Not only will you be “roughing it” but you can actually light up your tents or RVs at night and be able to enjoy some of the comforts of modern technology during your camping trips.

Solar powered televisions:

In remote villages and areas around the world where grid stations are not located, many people have bought televisions sets that can be powered with the help of solar panels. Solar panels are placed on the roof of the houses and the television sets or radios are connected to them with the help of wires. Although in order to work solar panels need constant sunlight, they are still able to store some amount of electricity for several hours. This is especially true in mountainous regions of the world where grid stations yet need to make an appearance.

Solar power is free and “green”

Solar powered devices and gadgets are perhaps the solution to all power and energy depletion related problems that the world is facing today, developed countries are now encouraging their people to power their homes and offices using alternative sources of energy, out of which solar power is the least expensive and most environment friendly of all. Solar panels don’t release emissions and thus are a completely “green” energy solution.