has all the information you need about Solar Panels and how to buy, install and use them!
Solar energy is the most environmentally friendly and economical form of energy generation today!
Don’t waste more time, install solar panels (Photovoltaic panels) in your homes and take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer.
What is solar energy?
Solar energy is the energy attained by the sun. You can actually use the energy from the sun to power up your homes with the help of solar panels. Solar energy is converted into electrical energy and helps you light and heat your homes!
Not only are you doing something for the environment but you are saving money as well!
Since solar energy is free of cost, it is one of the most cost effective ways to power electrical appliances with. Not only is solar energy free, but it is emission free as well, and also comes from a renewable source, the sun. Therefore, solar energy is actually one of the most environmentally friendly sources of power generation that we have.
The government offers TAX CREDITS to homes that utilize Solar Panels or Photovoltaic panels for energy generation!
You can actually SELL the excess power you generate with the help of Solar Panels to local power companies!
How can we harness solar energy?
Solar energy can be harnessed with the help of PV panels. PV or photovoltaic panels are special panels composed of solar cells. These solar cells consist of a photovoltaic material that can actually harness the sun’s rays and convert it into electric current. Solar cells, or photovoltaic cells consist of photovoltaic material, this material is sensitive to the light of the sun. When light shines on this material, it is able to generate electric current. This electric current can actually then be utilized to power small appliances. PV panels are also not very costly to install or maintain. Once installed, they usually last a lifetime and most companies that provide PV panels also provide a 5-10 year warranty.
Where can PV panels be fitted?
Not only can PV panels be fitted on small appliances, but they can also be fitted on roofs of houses, industries and even cars. These PV panels get charged up throughout the day, when the sun’s rays are shining on them, and then provide electric current at night in order to power appliances, street lights and others. On cloudy days, PV panels usually have enough solar energy stored up that they can still be used to power small appliances like street lights for a few hours.
PV Panels can be fitted on roofs:
People all over the world are opting for this “green” energy generation solution in order to reduce the escalating costs of purchasing electricity from suppliers, and also helping conserve the earth’s fossil fuels. Electricity generated by solar energy is enough to power up your home throughout the night if the solar cells are properly charged. This energy also remains stored in the solar cells if not utilized and doesn’t expire.
Advantages of solar energy:

  • It is free of cost and emission free.
  • It comes from a renewable source.
  • Its equipment is not difficult to install and requires low maintenance.
  • It provides the same kind of electricity that other sources of electrical power provide
  • It does not deplete the earth of its fossil fuel supplies
  • You can actually make money by selling excess energy you make to power companies
  • The government offers tax back rebates to qualifying homes with Photovoltaic panels!

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